Love And Fear Unite - Российский фэн-клуб RAGE

Reign of Fear (1986)

  1. Scared to Death
  2. Deceiver
  3. Reign of Fear
  4. Hand of Glory
  5. Raw Energy
  6. Echoes of Evil
  7. Chaste Flesh
  8. Suicide
  9. Machinery
  10. The Scaffold
Peter "Peavy" Wagner - vocals, bass
Jochen Schröder - guitar
Thomas Grüning - guitar
Jörg Michael - drums


Тексты песен

Scared to Death

Альбом Reign of Fear


Oh no! Somebody said they're marching out tonight
Fists high, their eyes straight on, the goal far out of sight

Screaming leaders, tell you what to say
They're all tools of the rulers behind 'em

They're scared to death!

They talk 'bout power and 'bout glory to gain
To be an hero 'n' get an order's the main thing

March into battle, you'll see what is real
Hell's coming nearer and death's on your heels

They're scared - scared to death
The agony is brutal - scared to death

Ha, ha, ha they stand face to face with a gun
What will be harder, the bullet - the man?

Satan's calling - you must pay the price
You had the choice you believed in their lies


"Aaaaaah - where are those creeps who ordered war?"
They sit at home and earn still more war is business, so die?

Oh no! Somebody said they're marching out tonight
Fists high, their eyes straight on, the goal far out of sight
March into battle, you'll see what is real
Hell's coming nearer and death's on your heels



Альбом Reign of Fear


No! You interfere with my free will
I won't give my mind for you to fill

All those words are lies, don't need no

Hate is what you sow between all men
Kill - you made them acquiesce to death

You earn well when other men die

Fool, stay blind, get in line
Count me out, I've no doubts
A man in herd, with a lack of conscience
This won't be my way, can't see where's the sense

Darkness spreading thicker day by day
They're afraid of having lost their way

This is nutritive power for a

Reign of Fear

Hand of Glory

Альбом Reign of Fear


Disturbing the peace of the night for a raid
Stealing goods taken through greed
A playtoty transcendental powers had made
This is the thing that you need

Hand of glory
Stopping all the sleepers from awakening this night
Hand of glory
Witchcraft triumphs in joy while the fingers are set alight

All who live in this house fell asleep
The hand was making them drowse
Now there's time to take all you need
Ho hindrance to plund'rin' this house


First you need a hanged man's corpse
Cut off the left hand and preserve it
But dress it not with tannin pure
Witches know the right mixture

The hand makes succesfull robbery - well
But just take care of the thumb
If it don't burn someone's not in the spell
And he'll discover your plan


Hand of glory

Raw Energy

Альбом Reign of Fear


Hellchild, you got
No fun, you're wild
That's you: dependent,
Obey, you do

No way to go

So come on
Oh yeah, you need a
Brainstorm today
Shout out your pain
be strong, be loud

No way to go

Bang - it's raw energy
Bang - it's raw energy

Don't fear your dreams
Work'em out, they'll come clear
Never surrender
Next time do better

Feel the comin' of the chord
Oh, it says a lot more than a thousand words


Echoes of Evil

Альбом Reign of Fear


I tell you Jesus Christ was just an ordinary man
But he was wise, much wiser than the rest

The few to see wrote tales 'bout him but time perverted it all
The banner's changed, the world ain't changed at all
Forced to fight for law and order
In the name of God to slaughter

Living in this world could be a life in hell
They're around everywhere, can't you tell?

Echoes of evil

You know, they don't know what it is when they talk 'bout the law
The rights are wrong when only riches rule
You hear them say we're civilized but still blacks are slaves
When money talks they won't hear all the cries

Forced to fight with law and order
In the name of God to slaughter

Dying at the front is tradition, you know
Just like fathers and grandfathers did

Echoes of evil

We're men - we're bound to fail but we can learn it
The ones who never face it will stay blind
We gained too much by science but we can't use it
Prepare your mind to stop before it's to late

The preacher's done the rites of Christ for a thousand years or more
Believes in personified gods
Does he fear waking up to see it's not so easy
Opposing good 'n' bad as he did?

Forced to fight with law and order
In the name of God to slaughter

What is religion - shit in your brain
A blade of straw in oceans of life
Don't follow leaders, no matter what side
Though it's harder to live your ideals

There are echoes of evil

Chaste Flesh

Альбом Reign of Fear


Sweet childlike lady
You stir me up
The time is coming
To warm up your ass
I've got the number
And when it's night
I'll come to screw ya
I'll tear you right

Now we're together
Delightful feast
You are a virgin
I am a beast

Chaste flesh - I'm gonna change it
Chaste flesh - I can arrange it
Chaste flesh - lay down or die
Chaste flesh now obey

She's coming nearer
Oh, if she knew
She's so wanton
Genuine and new
My body's hungry
Sweating in heat
I'm gonna give her
My rod of meat


Biting, scratching - baby you unchain my lust
Howling, growling - when will you unchain my lust



Альбом Reign of Fear


I've been stumblin' through my years
All I had was sweat and tears
When I thought I had it made
I was always much too late

And throughout my whole life I've done everything wrong

No way out - suicide
No way out - suicide

I am loosing all I get
For myself there's just regret
And my brain, it feels so ill
Am I waiting for the kill?

What the hell's there on earth that cold keep me alive?


There's a shadow on my back
I've been taking the wrong track
Now I've gone a bit too far
I've begun a private war

All I hate is myself but I've shot someone else



Альбом Reign of Fear


Life means being perfect day by day
I need somebody's help to get away
Don't trust no one,
They don't want you, they want your pay
Win or loose

Machinery - destroying what I want to be
Machinery - there's nothing that you get for free

Reporters work for those who pay them well
The top priority is just to sell
Obey or die
If you don't play the game, you'll die
Win or loose

Machinery - doesn't care about you and me
Machinery - got no choice at all

The public wants to be fed with big lies
Illusions, images and big dreams
Turns fools into kings, let genies die meanwhile
The glory's half as bright as it seems to be

Why don't you really love the things you do?
No matter what it is, it won't be true
Bitch of success
You sold your honour for the gold
Win or loose

Machinery - destroying what I want to be
Machinery - got no choice at all
Machinery - there's nothing that you get for free
Machinery - hear the salesman's call

The Scaffold

Альбом Reign of Fear


No one could have known that you would end in this way
You gotta face it, it's the end
This world knows no right, they wouldn't see what is truth
They won't believe you're not to blame
No one can say - what's coming your way
And there ain't no way out
They're all looking down
No one makes no sound
Why must it end all in this way, why, why, why?

The torture's been surmounted now
you told them all they wanted
The pain you've overcome somehow
but what'll come from now on?

Dyin' and rotting will be your destiny
Sooner than nature planned
Where are those who loved you they all turned away

And no one will shed a tear

Raise up your eyes
The scaffold awaits
Truth tells no lies
The scaffold awaits

You're left alone in agony
The death blow awaits you
The public is your enemy
For crime someone must pay

Lying is right - it's an antinomy
But no one gives a shit
What is it, this mankind, a crowd of betrayers
Fearing for their own lives?


Dyin' and rotting will be your destiny
sooner than nature planned
You thought that someone loved you, but they let an
innocent die


Good or evil - it's in their minds
But they're so careless, though you've been kind
Take care of treason, kiss on your cheek
They got perception, but they're too weak

So many voices outside the room
They're waiting for you, await your doom
Lay down your head now - you're gonna die
The scaffold awaits for your parting cry